Betina was founded out of the love for the distinct aroma of coffee beans. Over time, Betina has flourished into what it is today, a fully diverse company dealing with a range of food products.

  • All of our products fundamentally have one thing in common – quality
  • Betina’s business philosophy is centred on quality that is made affordable.
  • Quality is achieved through strict and stringent quality assurance systems that conform to local and international accreditation requirements.
  • Betina’s products comply with international Halal Standards. Each product is produced, packed and delivered with Halal Certification issued by the related government approved Islamic regulatory organisation.
  • Betina strongly believes in ethically sourcing its products from organisations that contribute to sustainability and are environmentally friendly in its production.
  • Our coffee is mainly sourced from the mountains of Vietnam where the advantageous natural conditions create a unique and special favour of high quality coffee beans.
  • The mountains of Vietnam, with an altitude of 1600 and a good source of soil and rain have been bountiful in the production of aromatic coffee beans. We delicately survey the area choosing the best location which produces the finest fruits of coffee beans.
  • Our highly experienced expert from Germany works closely with the farmer in sorting the quality coffee beans and handling the roasting and packaging factory system.
  • As we are engaged in every step of the process, we are confident in providing excellent quality at a competitive price.


  • Roasted Coffee Beans & Single Serve Pour-over Coffee Sachets
  • Our high quality coffee is conveniently available as ‘single serve sachets’ which means that you will never have to compromise on the quality of your coffee wherever you are.
  • We have specifically designed our product to be used without the need for any additional equipment. Simply open the bag and add hot water to enjoy a full flavoured, freshly brewed cup of coffee.
  • Our elegant and stylish design makes our product the perfect addition to any environment and our gift boxes make a perfect choice for a gift.